Family Cavangaro counted for the years of greatest viticulture importance in Argentina and height in society Angel Cavagnaro Limitada, with approximately 1000 hectares of vineyards distributed in different productive oasis of Mendoza, among which where: Coquimbito, Rodeo de la Cruz, Rodeo del Medio, Los Corralitos, Medrano, Los Árboles and Alto Verde.
In the most antic of the Cavagnaro family properties, in 1998, they began planting 1.7 hectares of the Argentinean emblematic variety, Malbec, based in the advantages of the “terroir” for the farming of this variety, which ended in year 2000. This was done with the goal of taking advantages “of the place where the farm is located, to create a touristic-viticulture project”. The property has been declared of municipal interest.

A main part of today’s viticulture Project is this small vineyard of 1.7 hectares located in the former family property  in Coquimbito, which grapes are used to produce our wines. This vineyard of Malbec variety, formed from mother plants coming from very old vineyards in Maipú and Lujan de Cuyo, are today conducted in bilateral cords with pythons pruning in plantation arches of 1.5m x 2.3m and a height of 1.9m approximately
Its production does not exceed the 90 or 100qa depending on the product to make.
Grapes are also purchased in the first viticulture zone of Mendoza (Maipú and Lujan de Cuyo), and in Valle de Uco.

BODEGA CAVAGNARO - COQUIMBITO - MAIPÚ - MENDOZA - ARGENTINA - TEL: +54 (0261) 4972-337 - MÓVIL:+54-9-261-3532009.