Since 1889 the Cavagnaro family is part of the Argentinean viticulture. With the arrival of Don Ángel Cavagnaro to Coquimbito, Maipú, Mendoza, from his native Italy (Genoa), Ángel Cavagnaro plants his first vineyards in Coquimbito and builds his house in there. He creates and is the Chairman of two of the most important wineries of Coquimbito, Maipú in the present (La Rural and Tributo de Trapiche (ex Cavagnaro).

Mr. Ángel Cavagnero was born in Genoa, Italy; arrived to Mendoza in 1887 and settled in Coquimbito, Maipú, Mendoza.
After some years of work, with his saving they manage to acquire his first twenty hectares of vineyards (where the properties is located in the present) By that time, he establishes friendship with Mr. Felipe Rutini, owner in Coquimbo of a small winery, and that didn’t have vineyards; therefore they became partners and build the Rutini-Cavagnaro society (year 1900), known since then with the name of “La Rural”, where Mr. Cavagnaro worked as the chairman.

Mr. Cavagnaro and Mr. Rutini become brothers in law alter getting married with the sisters Maria and Ernesta Cremaschi, respectively. As a consequence of the prosperity of those years the partners purchases different properties that dedicate to the viticulture in en Coquimbito, Gutierrez, Corralitos, Medrano, Rivadavia and Tupungato.

After Mr. Felipe Rutini’s death in 1920, and as it happens in any numerous families, in 1927, Rutini “widow” and Mr. Cavagnaro decide to separate the society and the goods, keeping the Rutini family the winery of Coquimbito (La Rural) and some farms, while Mr. Cavagnaro, just keeps the vineyards.
In  1928  Ángel Cavagnaro opens his own winery in Coquimbito district, by the side of the railway  (next to today’s Peñaflor winery, which in 2006 bought it), being at that time the most modern winery of the age with great production capacity (calculated in 120000 hectoliters), high technology  and unique architectonic details. Being at the present an historical model of vineyards of the XX century. In this place all the production of the firm and production for third parties was elaborated.

Together with the winery was the olive factory that also elaborated the production for themselves and for third parties. Its production was sold in Argentina, exported to Brazil and was the unique oil that was sold at that time to Harrods’s stores in Capital Federal.

After Mr.  Ángel Cavagnaro death in 1952, the elder son Mr. Santiago Cavagnaro takes his place as the chairman of the society: after several years and the death of one of the brothers (Rómulo Cavagnaro), the family decides the division of the society (1970), and the winery is sold to Santiago Graffigna firm from San Juan, keeping the brothers different vineyards, keeping them some residences and lands.

The descendants of Graffigna family kept the winery inactive in the 80's. Selling later the property in the year 2001.

Since the beginning of the plantation, all the activity is carried out by Mr. Julián E. Cavangaro, fourth generation dedicated to wine. In 2002, the first harvest of optimal conditions is destined to production, as it was the best harvest o the last 15 years until then.

Up to these days, with four generations, including the current one, working in this activity support our tradition, significance and seriousness with which the wines are now produced; in the same place, where this history began more than one century ago, after dealing with all kind of adversities and difficult situations. Nowadays we consider our project as “boutique” because of its size, quality and treatment given to the grapes and the wines. The elaboration is done in a rented winery and under our supervision.









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